Saturday, September 8, 2012

Back to School

Love this picture!  They look like they get along.
It appears we've survived the initial back to school surge.  Meaning that two of my kids are in school now.  Not that we did it gracefully.  No back-to-school clothes were purchased.  I'm capitalizing on the fact that my boys don't yet know that's a thing.  Who decided everyone needs to buy clothes in August anyway?  The people selling them.  That's who.  I forgot to get them haircuts.  Lachlan is even sporting the same backpack that took him through preschool and kindergarten.  They don't seem to mind though. 

First day of first grade

First day of preschool

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  1. My little ones still don't know you open gifts on Christmas, I just may take advantage of that, haha. Aww you've got some cute boys!